Emu English provides a warm, friendly, well-organised working environment as we all work together to provide quality lessons for our students and help them achieve their English learning goals. We have a well set-out curriculum and all our lessons are planned, however, we expect our teachers to supplement the lessons with their own materials that […]

Task based language learning (TBL)

What is it? Task-based language learning is a teaching approach where the lessons are based around doing a task. In education, a task refers to an activity where communication is necessary: for example; deciding something, solving a problem, designing or organising something, or telling someone to do something. How is it done? The students are […]

IELTS Preparation

STUDY IELTS WITH US AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM OF GOING ABROAD! If your target is to work or study abroad, IELTS is a widely accepted certificate of English proficiency. Emu offers four general IELTS courses – Foundation, IELTS 1, IELTS 2 and IELTS 3 and specialised writing and speaking courses. IELTS FOUNDATION The entrance requirement […]


Emu English also caters to your individual requirements. We will prepare lessons according to your level and specific objectives. We provide one-on-one lessons as well as group lessons in order to help you achieve your desired results. Some examples of such courses are: Phonics and reading for young children Business writing Essay writing Pronunciation And […]


KỲ THI CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH – STARTERS Starters còn được gọi là Young Learners English là bước khởi đầu trong quá trình học ngoại ngữ của trẻ em. Bài thi được thiết kế vui nhộn và đầy hứng thú, nhằm giới thiệu của các em làm quen với tiếng Anh nói và viết hàng ngày. Starters […]

Courses for companies

Everyone knows that one of the keys to a company’s success is its employees. Well-trained employees give companies an advantage over their competitors, thereby ensuring profitability. As a result, we understand the need for companies to train their employees in a range of skills in order to be competitive in their respective markets and be […]

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