About Emu English

Emu English was established with the objective of providing quality English language lessons for small groups of people. Our curriculum has been developed by experts according to the highest international standards in English language teaching and our centre offers all the facilities that make your experience a comfortable one. Emu’s highly-experienced and caring teachers, and friendly centre staff ensure your whole experience is enriching.

Our motto

Emu’s motto is: “engage enjoy evolve”. But what does this mean?

  • Engage: We strongly believe that in order to excel at learning English, a learner must establish a meaningful connection with the English language, the English-speaking culture, classmates and teachers.
  • Enjoy: Once the student has engaged with all aspects of the English learning experience, enjoyment is inevitable. And we all know, the more we enjoy something, the better results we get.
  • Evolve: By fully engaging and enjoying the language learning experience, a learner is able to open their minds to vast array of ideas, thereby growing in ways that will enhance their lives, both personally and professionally.


The courses at Emu English are of international standards and the entire curriculum is developed by industry experts. We follow the Common European Framework (CEFR) to provide courses that are appropriate for all students and guide them towards their goals.

Below is an overview of our curriculum under CEFR.

Study Pathway at Emu

So what is CEFR?

Currently, there is an internationally recognized standard to describe language proficiency that is the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” – (CEFR).

  • CEFR is a way to describe your ability to speak and understand a foreign language. In addition, there are a number of other frames of reference that have been created with similar purposes as the Canadian Standards of Language (CLB) or the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ​​(ACTFL) Code of Proficiency…
  • CEFR is a European rating scale and is specifically designed for all European languages ​​and it is not tied to any language test. So it can be used to describe your English, German…
  • CEFR sets out the following 6 levels of language proficiency:

A1 – Just Started

A2 – Beginner

B1 – Intermediate

B2 – Above Intermediate

C1 – Advanced

C2 – Proficient

Why is CEFR important?

In Europe, CEFR is increasingly becoming the standard way to describe your proficiency in a foreign language, especially in an academic setting. If you’ve studied a language like most Europeans, CEFR is a convenient standardized way to show it on your CV. In schools, CEFR is the standard framework of reference throughout Europe and can be used without restrictions.

If you decide to use CEFR in your CV for professional purposes, it’s still a good idea to include a description of your qualifications, a standardized test score, and examples of instances where you’ve used the skill. your language (study abroad or work abroad,…).

How can I find out my CEFR level?

The best way to find out your CEFR level is to take a well-designed standardized test.

Depending on the language, you will need to take a different test. Check with the official European guide for that language, such as the Francophone Union for French, the Cervantes Institute for Spanish, or the Goethe-Institut for German. It is uncommon to use CEFR levels to describe your level in non-European languages.

What does Emu mean?

The emu is the national bird of Australia. The founder of Emu English is Australian and decided to give this name to the centre because it is one of only two animals that is physically unable to walk backwards.

Thus by learning at Emu English, forward movement or progress is guaranteed.