English for teenagers

Our general course for teenagers (13-16 years) improves on existing knowledge of the language and further enhances all five skills. In addition, this course prepares your teenage child for academic English at university. It is important for your teenage child to have an objective and work towards achieving it by taking responsibility – and of course having an awesome time while doing it!


After the course, your child will:


- Have enhanced listening, speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation skills

- Be able to work in groups effectively

- Get more in-depth knowledge and vocabulary on a variety of topics that will ready them for university. These topics include: the environment, politics, economic, culture etc.

- Develop basic academic English skills in preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc. (in Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels)


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Course details


There are five levels:

Beginners, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate > 160 hours (10 months)

Intermediate, Upper Intermediate > 192 hours (12 months)

Frequent tests and feedback.

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Cambridge Academic English

Our Cambridge Academic English course is aimed at 15 to 25 year-olds who want to study abroad especially the U.K, New Zealand and Australia and want to gain Academic English knowledge that will get them ready for university in these countries and enable them to achieve higher grades with ease.


After the course your child will:


- Have the academic skills needed at university as lessons include video recordings of authentic lectures

- Know current, relevant language

- Have developed “study skills” to help improve independent learning as well as group work, which are essential in an academic environment

- Have cultivated essential critical thinking skills

Course details


Three levels – Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced

Each level is 108 hours, 24 weeks

Monthly tests and feedback.

Get a 10% discount for a limited time or 20% if you refer a friend!

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