Want to study IELTS and go abroad?

Learning a new language is a challenge and taking a global test like IELTS adds to that challenge. But don’t feel overwhelmed! Emu English can help you take the first step towards realising your dream.

With us you will:


  • Have experienced Cambridge certified teachers.

  • Learn IELTS in a supportive and fun learning environment.

  • Meet other students who share the same dream and together you will work towards that dream with confidence.

Target Bands:

4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5


3 months or 6 months

If you refer a friend and they enrol successfully, you get 1 million VND off the course fees!

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IELTS A (4.5-6.0)


The entrance requirement for this course is Pre-Intermediate level in the Emu placement test. After this course, students will: 


- Be familiar with the layout of the IELTS test.

-  Have the vocabulary for basic academic IELTS.

- Be able to use basic structures in communication and writing for IELTS.

- Understand basic IELTS test-taking strategies.

IELTS B (6.0-7.5)


The entrance requirement for this course is Upper-Intermediate level in the Emu placement test. After this course, students will: 


- Be able to approach the IELTS test using appropriate test-taking strategies.

- Have developed all four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) to a highly proficient level.

- Be able to use complex sentences in speaking and writing.

- Be familiar with academic vocabulary at an advanced level.



If you’re not getting the score you need in the Writing section of the IELTS exam, then this comprehensive course is for you.


After the course, you will be able to:


Learn relevant vocabulary that needs to be used in the writing section of the IELTS test

- Describe facts and figures presented in bar and pie charts and tables

- Describe trends in tables and line graphs

- Summarise data in a table, select important information, group information and describe a process

- Write short academic-style essays, which include describing data or processes and presenting arguments coherently and cohesively

- Express views and make concessions


If you’re not seeing the desired results in the Speaking section of the IELTS exam, this course will give you relevant vocabulary and give you some tips on how to improve.


After this course, you will be able to:


- Introduce yourself and provide personal information

- Make contributions to discussions on a variety of concrete and more abstract topics

- Have improved fluency, accuracy, range and relevance

- Link ideas and predict topics